WORDS by Amy Lovat

WORDS by Amy Lovat

Here are some thoughts that might go through your head when you’re debating whether to go out or stay in: 'I’m young and in my prime, I shouldn’t be wasting my best years on the couch; one day I will have children with perpetually dirty nappies and I will wish for a night out with my lady friends.' This might quickly be followed by: 'One day I will wish for the time, space and freedom to spend a night drinking red wine in my underwear while catching up on Toddlers and Tiaras; this is my time to be doing what I want, I am in my PRIME!

If you’re anything like me, the latter will usually win out because, let’s face it, I’m not a clubbing kind of girl. I’m a cheese-plate-on-the-couch-with-my-fave-book kind of girl. The battle between being social and hibernating can be a tough one. Sometimes, it might even be your own guilt that’s holding you back from spending quality time with yourself. Here is a list of awesome, legitimate reasons to stay in when the whole world is telling you to go out. You’re welcome.

1. Your significant other has no plans

Chicks before dicks and all that, but sometimes if you’re loved up and haven’t spent some one-on-one time together in a while, a snuggle session on the couch can be the best medicine.

2. Your housemates are all going out

Hello, solo pyjama party! House to yourself! Need I say more?

3. You feel like you’re getting sick

No one likes the sniffles, least of all your colleagues. Think of the cause, and keep your germs to yourself.

4. You have a big week ahead and you went out last weekend

If you’ve had a big week at work, you’ve got a lot on your plate this week coming, or you went out and partied hard last weekend, maybe this is your time to shine. Literally. Beauty sleep is a thing. Spend some time with you, and think of your general health, wellbeing and the importance of well-earned rest. You know what else? Save yourself for the better nights – your best friend’s birthday, your workmates farewell, that housewarming party coming up. All those random nights in between the fun events are for you to recuperate and prepare yourself for super happy fun times.

5. You did a really good workout today

Don’t go ruining all that hard work by getting bloated from champagne. Chocolate on the couch is obviously okay because you deserve it, gurlfrand!

6. Everything’s a bit vague

No one’s really sure on the plans for the night? If you’re not in the mood to socialise right now, you’re not going to get in the mood by meeting for pre-drinks somewhere and spending hours deciding where to go. Plus, by the time the taxi you ordered actually arrives, you’ll be sober and wishing for your pillow.

7. It’s cheaper

Think about it: taxi, drinks, dinner, club entry, taxi, drinks, cheeseburger and fries, taxi. Compare that to: leftover frozen pizza and/or grocery store snacks, $5 iTunes rental, last night’s pyjamas. Plus you won’t wake up with a pounding headache and furry mouth.

8. You have hairy legs

Ugh, shower, ugh, shaving, ugh, moisturiser. Also, have you already taken off today’s makeup? Girl, let that skin breathe.

9. There’s half a bottle of wine in the fridge and you’d prefer not to share it

Plus, Magic Mike is on TV. And you don’t need any more excuse than Channing Tatum’s abs.

10. You just don’t feel like it

We should all just cut ourselves some slack and listen to our gut reactions more often. If you don’t feel like going out and socialising and having sticky drinks splashed down your back and random sweat-monsters getting all up in your grill, that is perfectly okay. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy and introverted and boring, it just means you don’t feel like it.

What’s your favourite excuse for staying in when the world is telling you to go out?

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WORDS BY:  Amy Lovat

Amy is a passionate busy-bee studying for her PHD in Creative Writing and doing freelance work on the side. Her interests include (but are not limited to) doing Sudoku puzzles, blogging and gulping down cold pressed juice.