WELLBEING  |  WORDS by April Davis

WELLBEING  |  WORDS by April Davis

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good after a ridiculously long laughing fit? Well it's called producing endorphins via LOL'ing and it's no joke. The verdicts are in, and having a sense of humour is doing you wonders.

A form of stress release, a way to burn off steam and a natural source of positive energy... The list goes on! Here are 10 reasons why laughter really is the best medicine.

1. Feeling stressed? Pfffttt... Not anymore!

For a complicated reasoning, stress depresses the immune system whilst laughter helps boost it. This is because it increases your T-Cell count, that in turn kills invading bacteria. In English; laughter makes you happy, happy trumps stress, boom!

2. It's an easy way to improve relationships

If you refer to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, you will find our natural desire for love and social relationships are way up there. A great way of improving and sustaining our human-ties is to laugh often with our nearest and dearest.

3. A good dose of endorphins coming right up!

Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins, you know that natural happy drug that's usually released during sex, exercise, or during a secret chocolate binge? Well laughter releases it too!

4. It makes breathing a breeze

Your lung capacity is improved after a good chuckle, of course you have to catch your breath first, but when you do you will discover that during a session of heavy laughing, you're forced to breath heavily just like when you exercise. This is good because it de-clogs your lungs and increases your oxygen flow.

5. Help keep depression at bay

Happiness is the ultimate goal for those who are suffering from depression, and since laughter can bring about a more positive and social version of ourselves, it truly can be the best medicine.

6. Hello fountain of youth!

Oh hell yeah! Laughing has been proven to slow down the rate of cellular decay, so if you want to stay youthful for as long as possible, ditch the pricey anti aging creams and turn back the aging clock by having a giggle often.

7. Let your creativity come out and play

Did you also know that laughing stimulates the right side of your brain? That being the creative side  responsible for your flare with words, or your skills with a paintbrush. So why not give into your creative itch by tickling your sense of humour.

8. Care for a massage?

Okay, clearly this is not a massage in a traditional sense, but laughter gives you an internal rubdown that's much more soothing and relaxing than your typical back rub. The next time you have a knot in your brain from being in a crappy mood, masssage it with laughter.

9. Clock up some cardio

When you have a laughing fit, your blood flow increases by 22%. That might seem pretty insignificant, but it's actually equivalent to a 15-30 minute workout. So what are you waiting for? Burn those calories!

10. It's free!

Who doesn't love something that's free? Medical bills can get pretty pricy, but laughing is 100% price-less. It's a win win! They don't say "The best things in life are free" for nothing!

How does laughter make you feel better?

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WORDS BY:  April Davis

April is an ambitious, quirky individual currently studying for her bachelor of arts in writing and publishing. She gets a kick out of travelling and cake decorating. Cola flavoured sunny boys make her feel nostalgic and one day she hopes to tick going cage diving with sharks off her bucket list.