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There is a lot to be learnt from all those old television shows that we used to watch religiously. We’ve taken a trip down memory lane and uncovered some useful lessons for you to take home, ravelled deep within the romantic recollections and bitter breakups from our favourite small screen series.

What makes us so nostalgic for our favourite shows from the yesteryear's are the characters. We become so invested in the lives of these fictional people that it borderlines insanity. The lovey-dovey scenes make us blush, whilst the breakup moments make us bawl. So for all you 90’s TV addicts out there, here is a list of important lessons to be learnt from TV's most darling duos. 

1. Carrie and Big; Sex and the City

After all the men that came and left Carrie’s life, the best lesson we can learn from her romances is that Big love conquers all. Even as the numbers of break ups between Carrie and Big began to rival the number of shoes lined up in her closet, their love could not die. Give it time. Everything happens for a reason, and the chances are that if you keep winding up back in the same relationship, despite intermissions and sidelined boyfriends, it’s something worth holding on to.

2. Seth and Summer; The OC

Opposites do attract, and sometimes the strongest bonds are between the most unlikely of couples. If you’re ever in need of an instant pick-me-up, journey back in time to the Orange County and witness how goddamn cute Seth and Summer’s love really was. From coffee carts to comic books conventions, Chrismukkahs to college, Seth and Summer are one of those on-screen romances that we wish never ended.

3. Rachel and Ross; Friends

The one that drives us crazy. While most on-screen romances are intentionally complicated and long-winded, this one undoubtedly takes the cake. On more occasions than any sane human can handle, Ross and Rachel sufficiently screwed it up. After drunken weddings and unplanned pregnancies, it took ten long seasons for this couple to finally figure out what they really wanted. As irritating as it was to watch them self-implode time and time again, our love for Ross and Rachel cannot be denied. If there were one thing for us to learn from this turbulent relationship, it would be this: don’t get married whilst drunk in Vegas. I realise this piece of revolutionary advice might be a lot to take in all at one, but please, for the good of mankind, let it sink in.  

4. Lorelai and Luke; Gilmore Girls

Best friends make for the best relationships. Luke and Lorelai showed us how important it is to still be mates even when you’re dating. It’s hard not to miss the quick-witted, hilarious banter between Luke and Lorelai, and with the added bonus of a boyfriend who can provide endless amounts of hot coffee and toasted bagels, theirs was truly a relationship to envy.

5. Jerry and Elaine; Seinfeld  

The end of a relationship does not mean the end of a friendship. Even after breakups and their brief ‘friends with benefits’ situation coming to an end, there was no bitter feelings or awkward tension between these friends. It is refreshing to see exes Jerry and Elaine just hanging out, completely relaxed and comfortable with one another as friends, and nothing more.

6. Derek and Meredith; Grey’s Anatomy

What you thought was a one-night stand might just be anything but. We all remember that mind-boggling moment when Meredith found out that the man she had just slept with turned out to me none other than McDreamy. Derek and Meredith showed us that at the end of the day, the success of a relationship has nothing to do with your ‘so how did you guys meet’ story.  

7. Stanford and Anthony; Sex and the City

Don’t be so quick to trust that first impression. It may have taken six seasons and two movies for these two lovebirds to realise that their hatred for one another was immensely misguided, but it was well worth the wait. Their wedding was one that won’t soon be forgotten, with hearts all over the world breaking as Anthony swooned over Stanford, describing him as “the first man to accept me for the man that I actually am.”  

8. Joey and Pacey; Dawson’s Creek

Our favourite love triangle of the nineties is none other than that which lies deep within the seasons of Dawson’s Creek. Once Joey and Dawson realised that their relationship wasn’t one for the long haul, we finally got to witness the heart-warming match that was Joey and Pacey. Who could forget the time Pacey bought Joey her own darn wall as a blank canvas for her to paint? To all you fellas out there, it’s characters like this that you have to blame for all those times you’ve heard complaints about not being romanced. Next time, instead of thinking pizza and a movie for the fifth night in a row will suffice, get on Pacey’s level.   

9. Lauren and Jason; Laguna Beach and The Hills  

Broken hearts aren’t always a bad thing. Laguna Beach was essentially your go to guide of what not to do in a relationship. Despite all the cringe worthy conversations and shocking prom dresses, it was hard not to become addicted to the wonderful world of LC. Her relationship with Jason travelled into The Hills, and as sad as it was to watch LC ball her eyes out over this douchebag, this relationship was one we weren’t sad to see end. In the words of the wise woman herself, the most important lesson to be learnt through LC’s pain would be this: “don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.”

10. Marge and Homer; The Simpsons

Whilst it might seem absurd to consider taking life advice from the man who’s vocabulary doesn’t stretch much further than “D’oh!,” there is still a lesson to be learnt from this on-screen…romance. After all, the relationship between Homer and Marge has lasted longer and endured more seasons than any of our other favourite shows. They survived accidental pregnancies, alcoholism, money problems, and countless situations in which Homer was just a down right ass. The unlikelihood of their compatibility, which is more solid than most on-screen and real life romance, makes Homer and Marge an odd yet perfectly matched couple, who show us just how important love, dedication and lots of beer are to relationships.

Have we forgotten any of your favourite TV couples?

WORDS BY:  Grace Dobinson

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