Want an instant boost that is guaranteed to make you smile? It feels better than receiving gifts at Christmas, and better than the adrenalin rush of a theme park ride. Some people call them ‘random acts of kindness,’ others may call it ‘spreading the love.’

Whatever you want to call it, doing good deeds for people will have you feeling higher than Mount Everest. And here’s a secret: the bigger the good deed, the bigger the thrill. And if you do good deeds all the time, you’ll always be smiling. Why? Because you’ll know other people are smiling with you.

It's all about having a heart for others no matter who they are. It’s about knowing the world is bigger than yourself and understanding that we have the power to bring life, love and laughter to others. It’s also about giving and expecting nothing in return, which is part of the thrill. There are opportunities all around us to give, to help and to do something for others. When you realise that you can make people smile just by being who you are and using what you’ve got, you’ll never want to stop doing good deeds for people.

Give yourself a challenge and try to do at least one good deed a week for a year. Better yet, try to do at least one good deed every day for the rest of your life. Challenge accepted! Here are 30 simple yet affective deeds you can do to get a kick out of kindness.

  1. Give someone a compliment and help boost their self esteem
  2. Buy a copy of your favourite book, movie, or CD and give it to someone
  3. Help a person struggling with their grocery bags
  4. Invite your neighbours over for a meal
  5. Buy a gift voucher from a shopping centre and place it on the windscreen of one of the cars in the car-park
  6. Wash someone’s car
  7. Offer to babysit for a couple so that they can enjoy a night out without kids
  8. Take someone’s dog for a walk
  9. Mow someone’s lawn
  10. Write someone you know a note saying how much you appreciate them
  11. Buy a bunch of flowers and leave it on the bonnet of someone’s car or on their front doorstep
  12. The next time you’re at a restaurant, pay for someone else’s meal by paying for a table
  13. Buy a box of chocolates for the crossing lady or man at a local school
  14. Give a homeless person your loose change
  15. Bake or buy some cookies and hand out packets to people you come across during your day
  16. Donate books and toys to places that have kids’ corners; waiting rooms of dentists and doctors
  17. Donate clothes and other items to op-shops
  18. Visit a nursing home and get to know the stories and wisdom of the elderly
  19. If you have a veggie garden, give some of your veggies to your neighbours
  20. Make up a food hamper or pamper pack and leave it on the front doorstep of someone’s house
  21. Pick up any litter you see and put it in the bin
  22. Donate blood
  23. Pay for the next person in line at a petrol station, cinema or fast food place
  24. If you drive past someone at the bus stop every day, offer to give them a lift
  25. Open doors for people, pick up things they drop, let someone go ahead of you in a check-out line
  26. Set up a lemonade stall and give away cold drinks for free
  27. Make a double-batch of something delicious, bring it to work and share it with a colleague
  28. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  29. Leave your extra change in a vending machine for someone else to use
  30. Make someone you care for a card just because

What else can you add to this list? And what good deed will you do today?

WORDS BY:  Juni Desireé Hoel

Juni is a creative night owl who does her best doing/thinking between 9pm and 3am. She’s currently studying for her Master of Writing and Literature and finds her happy place via visits to the beach, petting dogs and The Lord of the Rings.