WORDS by Pauline Morrissey

There are some people in our lives who have the ability to brighten up our entire day just by walking in to the same room. Being around them fills us with energy, like our daily dose of caffeine. But then there are those that leave us running on empty instead. 

The type of people who leave us feeling like a car clunking along getting by on the reserve tank fumes. The type of people who are otherwise known as 'energy vampires'. Whether they are drowning in their own life and continue to pull you towards the deep end with them, or they simply lack the ability to recognise that their overall negative view on the world is causing a domino affect - energy vampires have the ability to suck the life out of you only if you continue to let them. 

Making a break from an energy vampire means removing people who drain you physically and emotionally. In doing so you can look forward to feeling like a heavy weight has been removed from your shoulders. You can soon feel a lightness and freshness you haven't had in a long, long time. Sounds good huh? Read on how...

1. Decide that you’re worth it

You need to feel as if you’re worthy of achieving your goals and changing into the person you want to be. Letting go of any negativity in your life will help you get there faster. Simply make the choice and decide that it’s time you committed to yourself, your goals, and your dreams and you won’t let anything or anyone slow you down.

2. Identify the ENERGY VAMPIRES

Energy Vampires make you feel worse than when you started talking to them. They bring your energy levels down and leave you feeling majorly bummed out. Notice how your body feels after talking to them, particularly your chest and stomach which are areas where most of us carry stress and anxiety. There is a difference between someone sharing with you their struggles/challenges versus someone who constantly complains without looking for a solution. Negative people can fall within the spectrum of being subtly draining to all round toxic and poisonous. Even if they fall on the less severe end of the spectrum, it’s important to identify this and work towards letting them go as they will still affect you negatively.

3. Let them go

Just start. Use whatever method you think is appropriate. Apologise if need be for being distant but know that you do not need to explain why or defend your actions. Avoid explanation because they are probably in a state of mind where they are not open to listening. They may take it personally that you are letting them go, and will probably get on the defensive if you try to justify your reasons. If applicable, do it gracefully and with love. Send them off with love and positivity. 

4. Don’t feel guilty

Remember, you are worth it. You must be your own hero here. If you don’t take charge of your life and well-being, nobody will do it for you. You are not abandoning them even though you may feel like that. There is a distinction between abandoning someone and letting them go so they can find their own way. If you’ve already tried giving them advice, encouragement, or even a wake-up call and nothing happened, then no amount of wise words from you will change their thinking or behaviour. It’s not your obligation to keep these people in your life regardless of the relationship. For whatever the reason, people grow and change and it’s normal for relationships to evolve, or dissolve.

5. Bring in the positivity!

Surround yourself with positive people. People who brighten your day, support your ambitions and have only love and comfort to bring to the table. Remember, we don't need a lot of people in our inner circle to be happy, we need meaningful ones. Quality over quantity wins every time.


Image Source via: Wildfox Couture

WORDS BY:  Pauline Morrissey

Pauline is the Lead Editor for LOVE & LIST. She clocks off by daydreaming about future escapades & having D&M's with wine in hand. She takes pride in both her appetite for organisation and her Nintendo 64 skills. Pauline describes her fuel for writing much like The Wizard of Oz; in search for more brain, courage & heart.