WORDS by Sylvia Lam

WORDS by Sylvia Lam

We’ve all had our down-and-out times where we don’t feel like doing anything about anything and sometimes our bad thoughts get the better of us. But for some of us, it’s more than just an off day; and those who have had to deal with a deflated version of oneself would know it’s tough.

Getting yourself out of an emotional rut that you don’t know how to deal with can be assisted with some of these natural remedies. From experience, this isn’t just idle gossip and simply Googled tips. All of the following have been tested and approved on by yours truly – note that no animals were harmed in the writing of this article.

1. Sleeping the right amount

Try not to make yourself a victim to your body’s sleep demands. As easy as it may be to stay in bed and sleep for double digits at a time. Your body likes to send you cues to sleep; it’s a defense and replenishing system for your body trying to repair itself. But when you find yourself sleeping more than you should, or even much less than you need to for that matter, you lose the mentality to bounce-back from a bad feeling. 7-8 hours is a good amount, on average. Even on weekends when you feel like it’s only a casual sleep-in. Try to maintain a level of awake-time that lets you be conscious of your emotions, and in-touch with your moods. There will even be more sunshine in the day for you to bask in that way!

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D levels and have been proven to affect brain function, on top of the vitamin playing a role in maintaining all the happy-hormones in your body, like serotonin. It’s easy to give in to the mood of staying indoors, but to just sit outside, or by a window with a book or with some music. Maybe even a nice walk outside on your breaks while it’s sunny can really up your mood without even trying. There are some some foods which are high in vitamin D include cheese, egg yolks, fatty fish like tuna, mackerel, salmon, tofu, almonds, and mushrooms (how magical!)

3. Eating right

Speaking of good foods, a healthy and balanced diet is what our body needs, especially when there’s more work to be done in our imbalanced brain chemicals. We may find ourselves eating in comfort, and maybe binging with it too – admittedly one of my coping mechanisms in my time of distress. That kind of comfort-eating behaviour's been known to release chemicals in the brain that ultimately fills the hole inside which is the source of the Depression. Since we know that Vitamin D is our friend in our journey to beat Depression, we should maximize our resources, no? Mix it up when you get the chance, and include lots of Vitamin D-rich foods, and avoiding heavy and lethargic meals that will put you in food-coma.

 4. Exercise

To get fit is a big commitment, especially when there’s a bikini body in mind. But a full-fledged intensive regime isn’t what’s on call (yet). Though in saying that, we do want to work ourselves up a sweat. Exercise is known to give you a proper dose of the happy hormone of endorphins that’ll keep you feeling energised and alert. Getting active is an infamous remedy for managing stress, which is a big part of how being depressed feels like. Although it may be hard to find motivation to get up and get active – starting out small can be what you need before slowly stepping it up and even upgrading to acquiring running buddies! C’mon and get physical- physsicaalll!

5. Socialising

When we’re down in the dumps and you really don’t feel like you’re quite you, you might find yourself being detached and removed from your social circles. You sure don’t mean to be a bad friend and not keep tabs on the people you care about, it happening without you even realising. What’s important though, is that we keep in touch and in contact with our friends. Often we find that in not talking about things in the first place is what drives us to a lonely place. As minor as it sounds – meet up with friends for coffee and have a chat about basically anything. It’ll be a refreshing snap back to reality and you’ll see the big picture of things. Talking about our problems and our stresses is a key strategy in our depression battle. Looks like another reason to rant and gossip, no?

6. Organic lifestyle choices

To keep with the anti-prescribed and au natural approach, peppermint tea and natural lavender has been known to ease the mood and de-stress. Free from a winding-up dose of caffeine, peppermint tea is 100% herbal – and the chemical makeup in peppermint does some in acquiring some soulful Zen. Lavender flowers, oils, hey why not the whole pot plant? Any of it will do you good in having very similar calming properties to that of peppermint. A truly ultimate combination of Lavender & Mint tea (which may feature on your supermarket shelf) or a bath in Lavender essential oils and sipping on Peppermint Tea has had my hat off to its greatness – and could for you too.

Ready for a recharged and re-born you?

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WORDS BY:  Sylvia Lam

Sylvia splits her time between studying for her Bachelor of Communications and being a hermit sipping tea in her PJ’s. Always ruthless, she describes her self as an ‘all-day breakfast’ and hopes to one day live and work abroad.