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I’ve always admired other people’s ability to make friends with someone they just met, or how they genuinely live their life like they don’t need anyone’s validation but their own. I’m a bit more reserved when it comes to meeting strangers or acting on impulse, which is why after a few drinks I become enlightened to how the other half live.

Before I get accused of being socially dependent on alcohol, I'll have you know I am quite capable of complimenting strangers in the bathroom line and holding a conversation with someone I’ve never met - I’m just a lot more inclined to to do so after I’ve had a few.

I know that alcohol generally isn’t associated with life lessons, but here me out - here are 6 things I’ve learnt (and liked) about my drunk self…

1. I have deeper conversations

I’m a big fan of the ol’ ‘deep and meaningful’, and I’ve found that often the deepest and most friendship binding conversations come from a drunk night out. We may be more inclined to ask “what’s REALLY been bothering you lately?”, or “What do you think happens to us when we die?”, or “What’s the weirdest sex dream you’ve had lately?” Of course in a lot of sober situations certain ‘deep conversations’ would not be appropriate at all. However, maybe we should take more of a plunge when conversing. Rather than complaining about the weather, perhaps we should start conversations that are more in sync with what we’re really feeling.

2. I Compliment other people more often

I’m sure almost every girl that’s been clubbing has experienced the heart warming thrill of being complimented by a fellow drunk girl in the line to the bathroom. This may lead to her dishing the dirt on the guy she’s currently talking to, some girly giggles and and maybe a Facebook friend request! Call me white girl wasted, but I love these moments! It’s no surprise that the bathroom line at uni has a bit of a different vibe going on. My drunk self has taught me that compliments can really make someone’s night. They shouldn’t just be saved for bathroom lines in a club. Drunk me would totally compliment that waitress on her freakishly long eyelashes, or tell the girl sitting next to me on the train that she has great taste in clothes - but sober me is a bit more reluctant.

3. I make friends more naturally

Making friends has never been my strong point. I can take years to make a close friend, and when I do, I tend to keep that friendship for a very long time. I just get very anxious about putting myself out there or get worried that, as lame as it sounds, ‘I won’t be cool enough!’ However, drunk me has no problem walking up to a group of strangers and saying something like “You guys look like you’re having so much fun, mind if I dance with you guys for a bit?” Drunk me doesn’t really care as much if people look at me funny and turn the other way. If that was to happen to sober me, I would probably pass out of embarrassment. But really - why is it such a big deal? Why can’t I join a conversation on something I’m passionate about? Why do I have to take it so personally if someone isn’t that keen on being my friend?

4. i REALLY can dance like no one is watching

I grew up a dancer. My childhood was spent learning dance routines, and to this day I still attend a dance class once a week. I know how to move my body and appreciate a catchy tune, but for some reason when I’m sober at a party, dancing can be one of the most painful things to do. It’s as if I’m never more self aware of my awkwardness than when I’m repeating the same mundane dance moves over and over, as I self consciously glance around the room. Drunk me on the other hand has no problem energetically busting out the ‘70s disco moves’, or shamelessly grinding on a wall as if I’m in a Britney Spears music video. It's seriously so much fun, the type of fun that sober me hasn’t yet learnt to fully embrace. But I’d love to learn more from drunk self about the enjoyment of dancing like no one (or even better if everyone) is watching.


There’s just something about alcohol that encourages some guys to make totally inappropriate passes at you or your friends. While this can also happen in sober settings, it’s a lot more common and intense when alcohol’s in the mix. Experiencing the social world of alcohol has taught me that although guys can gain a certain ‘drunken courage’ that can turn them into sleazy beings, I too can use the same 'drunken courage' to stand my ground. Something I may otherwise be too polite to do when sober.

6. I know who’s really got my back

Drunk nights out can be dangerous, emotional and scary sometimes. But it's in those scary times you are able to learn most about who your real friends are. The type of friends who would rather stay with you while you buy your drink, rather than hit the dance floor. Or the type of friends who are more than happy to sit down with you while you try and sober up. Friends who put your safety before their fun are the real deal and thanks to my drunk self, I've been able to spot them out.

What does your drunk self want you to know?

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WORDS BY:  Trelby O'Connor

Trelby is an animal loving soul who believes in the magical healing powers of nature walks with loved ones. She is currently absorbing information on all things art and culture at university. She also loves a bit of vegan cooking, op shopping and makeup artistry to feed her creative tendencies.