WORDS BY Anna Hanson

WORDS BY Anna Hanson

Do you ever have those days when you’re just, well, at a loss? Stuck somewhere between feeling bored, apathetic and downright lazy. You feel at once unable to remove yourself from the clutches of your couch and have become utterly convinced that your house and everything in it are holding you hostage.  

Maybe you went a little hard over the weekend by spending and drinking way too much and now you're dealing with both a physical and financial hangover? Or perhaps you're feeling down and out from staying in and currently suffering from a mild case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Sometimes it feels like you just can't win - whatever you choose to do over the weekend. 

The good news is, there's still some portion of it left. After all, so the saying goes - a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content. So read on, get on up, shake it off and get your sparkle back pronto.

1. Turn that frown upside down and write it down

Find your favourite notepad and head towards your favourite cafe. Sit by a window, drink as much coffee as you want, treat yourself to something delectably sweet and write. For as many hours as you can. This sounds a bit 16-year-old-girl-like, but writing in a journal can keep us sane and give us a healthy outlet to release any negative thoughts we had throughout the previous week or over the weekend. After you're done, turn the page and look forward to a fresh page/week.

 2. Swim in the ocean even if it’s freezing

There's just something about the ocean that helps exhilarate our moods, wherever, whenever. If the water is warm, then swim until your fingers get all wrinkly. If the water is freezing - jump in for a quick dip anyways! It will still give you a jolt of happiness, no doubt. If you really can’t bring yourself to dive in, walk along the beach. The ocean never fails to sooth us and put things in perspective.

3. Buy yourself some fresh flowers

Go for a walk and buy yourself some fresh flowers. Think about how to arrange them and what rooms you'd put them in. Tuck them into your arm and stroll on home. You will get a nice little kick out of them not only today, but throughout the week ahead every time you glance at your beautiful blooms.

4. Go for a run

We know running isn’t everyone’s thing, however, you can train your body to run even if you aren’t a “runner”. So today could be the day you start? Running gives you an endorphin boost second to none. Raining outside? Even better.

 5. Create something

Whether it’s arranging your flowers, cooking, painting, or writing - creating something is a powerful way to change your mood. When you immerse yourself in the act of making something you tend to forget reality for a while. So bake a cake, paint your bedside table or colour-coordinate your bookshelf. Then afterwards, give yourself a little pat on the back for creating something that didn't exist yesterday. 

6. Let Mother Nature do her thang

Go to the park and lie on the grass. Go to the beach and play with sand. Find four-leaf clovers, pick wild flowers and hug a tree! You get the picture... This is particularly important if you live and work in the city. Make a point to escape your concrete surroundings if only for a few hours.

What do you do to beat the weekend blues and get your sparkle back? 

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WORDS BY:  Anna Hanson

Anna is a strategic planner and project manager by day and a home renovator and writer by night… and weekend.  After working in most of the capital cities on the Eastern seaboard she moved to take up a short contract in the far west of NSW. Nearly four years later she is still based in this tiny outback town and still - much to her surprise - loving it.