Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel like you didn’t do much and what you did do wasn’t so meaningful? Do you get to the end of the week wishing you’d done more? Don’t let another year slip away without moving forward in your goals.

Pack more meaning and goal achievement in your day with these seven mandates. Doing one thing a day, every day to complete these mandates will give you something to look back on each night and each week that will have you feeling a great sense of accomplishment.

1. Do something creative

There’s something very therapeutic and deeply satisfying about creating. Everyone is creative; we just might be creative in different ways. You might be creative with words, pictures, ideas, fabric, paper, beads, photography, wood, metal, paint, music, food, or any number of things. There are artists who create out of soft drink cans, ice, Lego, sand, and even the debris washed up on shore. The whole world is a canvas; it’s waiting for you to find your medium to express yourself. You don’t need to have created something finished each day; you only need to have created.

2. Do something physical

Keep fit, release some energy and clear your head by getting active. There are so many options: join a gym, take a dance class, do pilates or yoga, learn self-defence, walk, run, hike, cycle, row, swim, stretch, tumble, skip, box. Take your pick! Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn ballroom dancing, karate, or the trapeze? Maybe you want to reach a specific fitness goal? Five minutes of plank, the splits, a marathon - keep it up each day and let this be the year. It’s good for your health and it’s good for your mind. Speaking of mind . . .

3. Do something mental

Keep that brain limber and give it some exercise. Solve a Sudoku puzzle, learn a new word, read an article, research a topic, study something you’ve always wanted to know about. Choose something that interests you, something that stimulates your mind. Be a lifelong student and appreciate the gift of learning. Learn a new language, a new instrument, a new recipe, a new theory, a new skill. Learn all the countries in the world, all the bones in the body, the elements in the periodic table. Whatever you choose, you’ll be smarter and more knowledgeable by the end of the year.  

4. Do something social

This doesn’t mean you have to go to a party or invite ten friends over. Simply spend some meaningful time with another person. Be a listening ear to someone, have a meal with someone, watch a movie with someone, laugh with someone, go deep with someone. Catch up face-to-face, have a phone conversation, or send an email. It’s all about connection. Work, hobbies and other activities might be time-consuming and fulfilling, but don’t neglect people. Too much withdrawing and alone time can make even the extreme introvert crazy.

5. Do something that gives back

This one will give you that warm fuzzy feeling but it will also affect someone else in a positive way. An act of self-sacrifice may be required: You might be tired but your friend really needs you to help her study. It might cost you something: You might give money to charity. Some acts require no sacrifice or cost: You might donate unwanted books or clothes to an op-shop. Or your act might be much simpler: You might write a thank-you note to someone, say a kind word to someone, or just be present with someone who needs you. Make helping people out a regular thing this year.

6. Do something crazy 

There’s this quote that says: 'Every day do something that scares you.' Summon your courage and take a few risks. Be spontaneous, do something people don’t expect, go against the grain. Crazy for you might mean seeing a movie on a weeknight or splurging on that set of pencils you had your eye on. Crazy might mean getting a haircut, starting a conversation with a stranger, or booking that plane ticket. Doing something crazy each day might simply give you a thrill or it might allow you to step into some dreams you’ve been too cautious to follow. Be wise, of course, but go for it!

7. Do something that recharges you

In all that activity and busyness of life, make sure to make time for rest. Pause. Breathe. Be still. Relax. Let go. Do nothing. Or do something just for you. You know, that thing that you enjoy most: reading a book, writing in your journal, going for a walk, playing the piano, taking a bath, painting a landscape, solving a crossword, lying on the grass, sitting with your dog. Always give yourself permission to rest. Don’t feel guilty; replenish yourself so you can keep giving the day, the week, the year your very best. 

So what are you waiting for? Go live life wholeheartedly! 

Image Source via: Tumblr

WORDS BY:  Juni Desireé Hoel 

Juni is a creative night owl who does her best doing/thinking between 9pm and 3am. She’s currently studying for her Master of Writing and Literature and finds her happy place via visits to the beach, petting dogs and The Lord of the Rings.