This week Apple revealed “the biggest advancement in the history of the iPhone” by unveiling the new iPhone 6, matched with a larger version iPhone 6 Plus, and topped it off with the Apple Watch. Talk about a gadget overload, and to be quite frank, it's giving me some serious anxiety.

Partly because I was a late adopter of the iPhone 5 and I'm still adapting to its functionality, but mainly because I don't like change. Heck if I had it my way I would still have my beloved 3310 Nokia phone, I truly believe it had everything I needed and more. Why-oh-why did the tech-world have to drift us apart.

In honour of my beloved, I’ve reflected back on the time we had together. Here are the things I miss the most about my Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

1. Texting required skills

Back in the day this was truly an art form. No predictive text, no dictionary, and always with the ever present fear that you would go over the 160 character limit for a single text and god-forbid, you’d be hit with another $0.25 text message charge. Not to mention the fact that you were still using a numeric keypad in which you had to master scrolling through each buttons letters to get to your desired choice. But due to all these limited functions it enabled us to live a much simpler life without the burden of what communications these days can bring…“C u 2moro”. No narrative needed.

2. Create my own front logo

I guess it’s what would have been called the ‘Home’ screen that graced outstanding 84 x 48 pixel screen of the 3310.  A simple thing that had aerial signal, battery indicator, and on the rare occasion notifying you that you actually had a message. There was also a ‘Nokia’ logo that was replaceable by your own creation. If you could master the art of pixel animation, there were some truly inventive images that could be brought to life in two-tone glory. For example, at the time of this discovery circa 2003, Australian Idol was all the rave, hence my creation of a Guy Sebastian motif. I recall secretly feeling like a genius for that one.

3. Pimp my phone

Phones today have a simple sleek design usually embossed with some shiny metal case which is secured tightly to the inner workings. But back in the day, they were just simple cheap plastic cases that once removed would reveal all the circuitry and buttons of the inside. And so in our individualistic styles of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, the phone case was another means to represent who we were as a person. Hence when I upgraded to the next version of the 3310, It meant that I could cut out inspo quotes from Cosmo mags and DIY to my heart’s content. This way my phone didn't have to look exactly the same as the strangers I catch the train with on my commute to work.

4. Custom ringtones

While we loved the Nokia ringtone and its many iterations through the years, nothing spelled customization better than a custom ringtone you yourself created. You could get on your dial-up internet connection and find the exact combination of keypad tones that would somewhat resemble ‘Eye of the Tiger’ whenever your mum called you to come home. And when the mobile phone world upgraded to polyphonic ring tones, that’s when shit got real. In other words, basically I turned into a DJ.

5. Snake 1 and 2

Yes I jumped on the Words With Friends bandwagon and I'm quite intrigued in climbing the Hollywood socialite ladder with Kim Kardashian, but I'm yet to meet a game app that brings me more joy than Snake 1 and 2 did. Snake was merely a series of square pixel blocks, the aim was simple - navigate a moving snake around the screen and don't die by running into yourself or the walls. The idea was to pick up single blocks along the way, the more blocks you pick up, the longer your snake gets, and the harder it is to navigate. The release of Snake 2 meant that you could go through the walls which opened up a whole new world. Mind. Blown. 

6. Borrowing my friends battery

Personally, I am terrible at keeping my phone properly charged. My impatient tendencies means convincing myself that 19% of battery is plenty in order to unplug my phone from the charger now rather than later. This has led my phone to die in the middle of important phone calls, stalking sessions and photo filtering decisions. What happened to the days where you could swap batteries and sim cards around? When a friend could throw you a lifeline in a state of emergency? Bring back the 3310 days where you could play swapsies, because if my iPhone turns off now, I'm screwed.   

7. No Internet

It’s hard to imagine life nowadays without access to the Internet in arms reach, but lets not forget we did manage to get by just fine before its total domination. Although I’ll be the first one to admit that I couldn’t live without it, I do miss the days when I didn’t know what a handful of random people are feeling or doing before I’ve even had my morning coffee. Back then I went about my day, status updates free, and the only Internet banter that could interrupt my headspace would be left until I rushed home from school and jumped on MSN Messenger.

8. It was indestructible

And at last, out of all the things I remember my 3310 bringing into my life, I remember its durability the most. No screen protectors? No worries! I could drop it from up high, down to the floor and it would only bounce back up unharmed and ready to go. Perhaps the iPhone can learn a thing or two from the indestructible Nokia. It sure would make my clumsy existence all the better.

What do you miss the most about Nokia 3310 phones?

Image Source via: We Heart It

WORDS BY:  Pauline Morrissey

Pauline is the Lead Editor for LOVE & LIST. She clocks off by daydreaming about future escapades & having D&M's with wine in hand. She takes pride in both her appetite for organisation and her Nintendo 64 skills. Pauline describes her fuel for writing much like The Wizard of Oz; in search for more brain, courage & heart.