No matter the circumstance, breakups absolutely suck. Whether you’re the instigator, the one left heart-broken, or mutually feel the same way  nobody leaves a relationship jumping with complete and utter joy.

More often than not, most of us will enter what I call a ‘love slump’ soon after this. Which is essentially a period of time without any romantic progression or action. So since there's no way around a crappy breakup, there's only going through it  you might as well be prepared with methods to help re-establish your confidence and end your ‘love slump’ for good.

1. Be proactive

This doesn’t necessarily mean to go out and go crazy promoting your newfound singleness.  In order to genuinely move forward, it's crucial that you allow yourself some time to process and come to terms with the breakup. But by the same token, don’t mistake this time as an opportunity to beat yourself up about it. Most of us will inevitably embrace one of the two extremes, but it's important you grab a grip on reality and attain some sort of balance. Acknowledge the situation and be proactive!

2. Catch up

Getting out of a relationship will create a very open schedule, allowing an immense amount of time and space for yourself. Use this free time to catch up with friends, family and life in general. You’ll be surprised to see how much you missed out on by being in your own little love-bubble. Keep yourself occupied, embrace the opportunities to go out, and most importantly, be around those who bring out the best in you.

3. Allow for set backs

Unless you have some serious emotional-detachment superpower, you will unavoidably face some setbacks. Unfortunately, this too is part of the road to recovery. If you find yourself feeling guilty or regretful, remind yourself of the reasons why you broke up in the firs place and why it didn’t work. Let this uncomfortable and hurtful phase take its toll and don't be too hard on yourself.

4. Reinvent yourself

Hit the gym, change your hair, get some new clothes. Not only will some quality ‘you’ time keep you in balance, affecting how you look on the outside will assist in establishing a new and improved you. Ultimately this will provide you with a confidence boost both mentally and physically. It couldn't hurt right?

5. It’s all about you

Ask yourself these important questions; What do you want? What do you need? What should and shouldn’t you accept? Give yourself a generous amount of time to establish these factors and ultimately decide what’s best for you and what matters to you the most. Use these decisions to assist your ‘reinvention’ and let go of any negative factors holding you back from achieving these desires.

6. Embrace the change

Depending on the circumstance, try to be positive towards your ex. As crazy as that may sound, it's a much healthier and easier option than loathing that person as a result of the breakup. You need to accept the situation for what it is and use the experience with your previous partner to determine which factors you would want, and want to avoid in your next relationship. Embrace this time to be selfish and do what only you desire. You are the boss of your future, so own it. 

Image Source via: We Heart It

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WORDS BY:  Cassandra De Palma

When Cassandra isn’t out with friends or hitting the gym, she’s studying for her final year of Journalism. She’s a talkative, loud and social girl who aspires to travel and spends most of her time being a full-time foodie.