WORDS by Emily Russell

WORDS by Emily Russell

It’s time. You’ve decided you’re ready to give up Mum’s home cooking, a clean house, zero rent, and embark on share housing.

In your mind you are dreaming of wild house parties, late night dinners with wine and no Dad jokes, sleeping until 1pm without someone knocking on the door, and the freedom of coming and going as you please. While you will be able to indulge in these things, we need to inform you of a few truths first.

1. Yes, your food will get stolen

Did someone drink my milk? Where is my leftover stir-fry? These are the sorts of questions you may be starting to ask yourself when you start living with housemates. It will start to feel like there is a hungry gremlin lurking in your kitchen that eats your food as you sleep. The truth is your housemates are strapped for cash and hungry, which is a tricky combo when you have something yummy to eat. But don’t worry, you’re poor and hungry too so no doubt you will also be stealing their food.

2. Don’t use your good stuff

You know those wine glasses you got for Christmas? The really nice ones? Best pack them away until your 30. Sorry to say but your stuff will get broken. Glasses will be smashed, couches will get stains, and pots will be ruined. When you’re living with a bunch of people it is inevitable that something will break. The best advice is to live with cheap appliances and decor unless you're prepared to risk your posh belongings. Perhaps even wait out in having a beautiful home a-la Vogue Living until you're flying solo or shacking with a partner.

3. The walls are thin

Get prepared to learn absolutely everything about your new housemates. You will see them in the morning before they have ingested caffeine. You will see them in their pyjamas, hungover, heartbroken, drunk, sick, and probably even naked. But you will also hear them. In cheap rentals the walls are thin. Invest in a set of earplugs or be prepared to hear all manner of nighttime activities.

4. The couch is for sleeping

Whether it’s someone passed out from going out the night before or your housemate’s weird, smelly friend visiting from overseas, it feels as if someone is always sleeping on the couch. When they stay for more than a week without contributing a meal or two, ask for rent money.

5. Rude notes are not a way to handle conflict

It may be tempting to leave a little note reminding your housemate to do their dishes or hang their washing out but they will hate you for it. Speak up or forever hold your peace.

6. There will always be someone to hang out with

Despite all the food stealing, rude notes, and dirty dishes, share housing means you always have a friend. Even if you’re just watching TV together or going for a late night drive in search of chocolate, you’ll never be lonely when you have housemates. They can become your worst enemies but it’s most likely they will become one of your besties. Spending so much time together means that you will see each other at your best and worst. You will know things about each other that you can only find out from cohabitation.

What are some pros and cons you can add to this list?

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WORDS BY:  Emily Russell

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