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Happy Birthday, Kirsten Dunst! The actress, who first came on to the scene at the ripe old age of just 12 in Interview with a Vampire, is turning 33 today. From the BEGINNING, teen girls (including myself) fell into a jealousy-induced trance with the actress one movie at a time.

From the classic Little Women, to teen-flick Bring It On, all the way to the deeply dramatic Melancholia. We've fallen in love with Dunst ever since she was the original late-90's blonde beauty, to the now cult movie go-to girl. So let's celebrate Kirsten's big 3-3 by looking back at her all time top movie roles.

1. Little Women

If you weren’t introduced to Dunst in The Interview with the Vampire, you probably met her in the 1994 version of Little Women. At such a young age, Dunst showed signs of greatness by making us like a character that’s historically been hated, the bratty Amy March.

2. Jumanji

This dimpled actress starred in the ultimate children's adventure film Jumanji alongside Robin Williams. Kirsten played the young, bossy sister, taking turns in throwing the dice during a magical board game. She made us all wish that we had a big sister like her to take care of us when we turned into a monkey.

3. Bring It On

In the glorious year of 2000, one of the greatest teen/cheerleading movies ever made was released - Bring It On. Over a decade later, it remains a trenchant commentary on the cut-throat nature of cheerleading within the world of high school politics, and has easily served up some of the best bitchy one-liners teen movies had to offer.

4. Elizabeth Town

Cameron Crowe’s messiest film (Director of Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire) was still filled with wonderful moments that mostly revolved around the original pixie dream girl that is Dunst. Playing the character of Claire, Kirsten starred alongside Orlando Bloom in this light-hearted rom-com. I don't know about anyone else, but this movie made me miss talking to your crush on the home phone.

5. Wimbledon

Speaking of rom-coms, this list can't be complete without the movie Wimbledon. With help from co-star Paul Bettany, Dunst elevated Wimbledon from being another middle-of-the-road rom-com to a pretty sweet little story. Love-All! Get it? Oh never mind...

6. Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile took us through a torturous journey of the young students of an all female college including Dunst, Julia Stiles and Maggie Gyllenhaal (90's babes eat your heart out). Free thinking teacher, played by Julia Roberts, inspires the girls to challenge the lives they are expected to lead. #feminism

7. The Hairy Bird

The Hairy Bird is another private-school based, girl-power filled, stick-it-to-the-man type movie. This horribly underrated early-00s movie sees Kirsten play the pretty, rich, and hostile teen that we can't help but want to be BFF's with.

8. Spider-Man 

Even if you were never a fan of the Spider-Man franchise, or if Tobey Maguire was never your cup of tea, this movie belongs on this list purely because of that upside-down kissing scene. The rain. The girl. Those dimples. Game over! 

9. The Virgin Suicides

In Sophia Coppola’s dark directorial debut, Lux Lisbon played by Dunst isn’t just the prettiest of all her virgin sisters; she’s the strangest, too. With her long hippy hair and mischievous smile, she’s a rebel with a cause - both promiscuous and naive. The Virgin Suicides is a personal favourite of mine, one that I thought would go down as Kirsten's career highlight. But that was until...

10. Melancholia

In my books, the only thing better than a Lars von Trier film, is a Lars von Trier film starring Kirsten Dunst. Dunst took home the Best Actress prize at Cannes 2011 for her role in Melancholia, an award that had not been won by an American actress since 1993. Her portrayal of the beautiful, yet depressed Justine tells the amazing tale about the end of the world, serving up a spellbinding escape from reality.

what's your favourite Kirsten Dunst film?

WORDS BY:  Pauline Morrissey

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