WORDS by Dana Fullgrabe

The culture of high school popularity is worn territory. Anyone who has set foot into a classroom fathoms the gist of navigating the social politics of teenage angst and popularity wars. But, before Regina George laid claim to the teen queen throne there was Heather Chandler: the self-righteous and feared ringleader of Westerburg High.

Veronica Sawyer (yet another wannabe ‘Heather’) is put through her paces in a rigorous attempt to join the cool kids. After embarrassing Heather at a fraternity party, Veronica decides it’s time for Heather’s reputation to burn, unknowingly killing her in the process. 

Veronica’s experience may be unique, but the ins and outs of social elitism cause the same burdens world over.  So, what does Veronica have to say?

1. “You inherit 5 million dollars the same day that aliens land on the earth and say they’re going to blow it up in two days. What do you do?”

This is the same as waxing lyrical about the meaning of life. High school is home of the existential crisis and endless thoughts of what am I doing in this world? Just remember, you’re not alone, see that kid next to you, he’s feeling the exact same thing.

 2. “This isn’t just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.”

Boys. Girls. Torment. Do I need to continue?

3. “Dear Diary, my teenage angst bullshit now has a body count.”

Have you ever thought about how many casualties are left behind in high school? I’m not talking about physical causalities but the emotionally crippling kind. Those couple of nasty remarks you either say or are told by the school jerk can stay with you for life. Don’t let them. Sprawl them in your diary and burn the bits of paper. Those comments do not define who you will become.

4. "If you were happy ever day of your life you wouldn’t be a human being, you’d be a game show host."

Personally, I’m prone to frowning more than I smile. But like me, you need to remember that emotions, complex emotions, are a regular part of life. It’s perfectly normal to feel like you could run a marathon one minute, and not want to leave your bed the next. Just follow the ebb and flow. Don’t beat yourself up for not always having that sunny disposition, as Veronica states: you’re not a game show host.

5. “I say we just grow up, and die.”

Ever thought about committing social suicide? Doing something that the social elite would gossip over for weeks? Just do it. Carve out your own niche in the school dynamic. Show everyone what your special talent is. If people don’t accept you for what you’re worth, they’re probably not worthy of your time. And think about it. What you do one week that’s deemed social suicide could be coveted by the masses in the next week. With high school, you’ll never know. 

Who do you look up to for high school advice?

WORDS BY:  Dana Fullgrabe

Dana is an emerging writer and a trained journalist from Melbourne, with experience in social media, blogging and popular culture. When not writing, she enjoys browsing furniture stores, coming of age novels and pretending that Dawson’s Creek is the height of television perfection.