Gone are the days of simplicity and empty schedules. Living life in the fast lane has triggered a universal craze of leading an incessantly busy existence, but is this really the best way to live?

We’re constantly trying to keep up with the next person, and now consider it normal to balance hours working, study blocks, social gatherings, time with the family, gym sessions, and somewhere amongst all that - some time to relax. How exhausting!

While an ever-active life allows us to use our time to the fullest, the self-elected FOMO president in me can't help but wonder - is there a line to be drawn? To be honest I'm still trying to figure that out, so for now here are some pros and cons of living life in the fast lane to help solve the mystery.

PRO: It gives you purpose

Leading a busy lifestyle is well known to give us a feeling of purpose. In the social respect, this ultimately provides us with something to look forward to. No matter how buggered or ‘not up to it’ we may feel on a Friday night after a full day of work, most of us will give any excuse to get together with family or a few friends due to the satisfaction we receive out of both spending time with them, and the feeling of importance we receive. This is also heavily prevalent in the study/careers sector. Whether you’re studying or are employed in full-time work, regardless of how heavy the workload may be, having such purpose gives us credibility, a title, an income, and most importantly - self confidence and security.

CON: You overcommit

Unfortunately, serial commitment has its consequences. More often than not, we commit ourselves to much more than we can balance, inevitably causing some serious stress and emotional exhaustion (guilty). Whether it’s a severe case of FOMO or a much needed planner gone M.I.A, most of us need to stop and ask ourselves some serious questions: What’s really worth our while? What’s considered a priority?

PRO:  Provides you with experience

The saying goes ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ By creating a busy lifestyle, this unsurprisingly exposes us to copious amounts of life experience that back-to-back episodes of Orange Is The New Black unfortunately, cannot. Whether you’re physically out exploring new places, talking to friends, or running errands, they’re all features that contribute to our overall life experience in one way or another. Surprisingly, it’s these types of basic everyday occurrences that teaches us, and shapes us most.  

CON: Not necessarily ‘living’ but ‘existing’

Here draws the fine line between ‘living’ and ‘existing’. By repeatedly meeting the same commitments week by week, this ‘experience’ over time may start to feel like an undesired 'existence' - and an exhausting one at that. While there are some commitments that can’t be avoided, we need to take time to sit back and commit to events or priorities that will in turn reward us in one way or another. 

PRO: Encourages productiveness

As we get older, we learn that life certainly does have its hectic moments, and having a busy lifestyle definitely assists in preparing us for it. By exercising this, we become accustomed to a busy schedule that forces us to be productive, use our time wisely, and work well within a certain timeframe. While we’ll still have the odd day(s) of procrastination here and there, having a busy schedule undeniably, but subconsciously encourages us to prioritize and allocate time for work, study, socializing, commitments and obligations.

CON: No downtime creates unnecessary expectations

Due to the accustomed busy nature of our fruitful lives, this incessantly busy existence often leaves us with minimal (if any) down time. While you may identify yourself as someone ‘who always needs to be doing something’, lack of rest and sleep has been proven to lead to a series of health concerns. This includes impaired brain activity, cognitive dysfunction, weakened immune system, weight gain. The list is long. By ignoring the basic need for rest, we also set a standard for ourselves that prompts others to place unnecessary expectations on you, adding to the weight of your already busy schedule. 

R and R is an absolute must! Tell us some other pros and cons you face when living life in the fast lane.

Image Source via: We Heart It

WORDS BY:  Cassandra De Palma

When Cassandra isn’t out with friends or hitting the gym, she’s studying for her final year of Journalism. She’s a talkative, loud and social girl who aspires to travel and spends most of her time being a full-time foodie.