WORDS by Ana Neves

WORDS by Ana Neves

The holidays are always a big part of our year, with family coming in from all over the place, gifts to get for everyone and mountains of food to eat. It's no wonder that even the thought of it might make us feel a little anxious for the impending holidays.

You might sit on one side of the metaphoric Christmas table where you don’t even have to worry about the holidays because your whole family is civil - and wonderful - and everyone just loves spending time together with awesome paper crowns on that you get out of bon-bons. But there are also some families who sit on the other side, jostling elbows with each other, getting way too drunk, and complaining that they didn’t get the presents that they wanted. You might have a cute grandma that gets you the best presents, or you could have a weird uncle who makes obnoxious and racists jokes in front of your new partner. Either way, Christmas is a time of giving, so we’re giving you our top pro’s and con’s of the festive period. After all - tis the season to be jolly...or not.

Pro vs. Con #1

PRO: An excuse to play Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' on repeat.

Con: As usual in Australia, Christmas season has started in major retailers, David Jones and Myer, with the Christmas sections growing since August. As soon as we hit mid November every shopping centre will be playing the same four insipid Christmas songs all day long. It’s even worse when they pick some kids pop version of the song. Whoever gets hired to pick the music in these stores needs to be strung up as the angel on the 50ft Christmas tree in the centre court.

Pro vs. Con #2

Pro: Sun, sand, and the beach! Sure, there are some days where it gets too hot, and you just want to melt into the ground because liquids-must-be-cooler-than-this-right!? And of course, the government feels the need to force propaganda down our throats that constantly screams, “Tanning is skin cells in trauma!” But, it’s absolutely great to pick the right filter to make the ocean and the sand seem most appealing, and of course, you’ll feel a little tinge of pride in making your working friends feel a little bit jealous. Summer also means lighter food and fruit everywhere! Watermelons are amazing! Or a sneaky beer on a Sunday afternoon in your backyard with the barbeque sizzling and your friends chilling in the blow-up pool on the freshly mown lawn. Yep, that’s Summer.

CON: Movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, and Love Actually makes you wish you lived in New York or London and that everything around you was covered in beautiful, white, fluffy snow. Everyone seems to dress so well in those movies, with these gorgeous big coats and scarves and boots. And I haven’t tried mulled wine but in the movies it looks like a warm cup of heaven! It’s so wonderful to imagine a proper White Christmas, especially when it’s 45°c and you wish you could make snow angels, and go bob-sledding into some powdery snow.

Pro vs. Con #3

PRO: If you have a family like mine, where my mother is dying to cook for the hundreds of people that aren’t actually coming, Christmas involves eating huge amounts of food,desserts, prawns, gingerbread hosues! It’s tasty and amazing, and you do end up saving money due to not having to buy any food until Easter. Often times, we end up inviting so many people to eat that it’s a definite way to keep your friends in the loop!

CON: Feasting like there’s no tomorrow was a great concoction from the Northern Hemisphere. But up there, they’ve got actual winter coats to cover up the new pudginess from all the yummy eats. We, on the other hand have to eat just as much as they do, but we’re still expected to look pretty in bikinis on a beach the next day. We have summer skirts and shorts, but there’s absolutely no way to hide a little extra chunk without some great jeans and a gorgeous jumper or cardigan. But, then again, who can complain about delicious food? It’s just so satisfying; it’s almost hard to feel guilty about eating so much!

Pro vs. Con #4

PRO: It’s Christmas and New Years! All your family and close friends – that are essentially family anyway – have gathered together to get gifts and express love to each other! Everyone gets gifts they’re surprised by, there’s all this hugging and happy photographs together. You get to meet up with all the people you’ve missed most during the year to drink champagne. Everyone sitting around the dinner table, smiling and passing each other food making it the picture perfect image of family. It’s the most beautiful time of the year.

CON: Oh no! Your whole family has come together in one tiny space and your Aunt has been drunkenly bragging about her kids who are so much better than you, or your Grandma is telling your mother about how her food would taste better if she did it her way while your Grandpa has fallen asleep at the dinner table in the middle of someone’s speech. It’s almost enough to make you want to walk around in the snow, alone, listening to some depressing pop rock. But wait! You can’t do that because we’re in Australia, and it’s still sunny outside, a little hot, and the children next door are giggling and screaming as they play in their pool. At the end of the day, they’re family and you love them (because you have to).

What are you most/least looking forward to this coming holiday season?

WORDS BY:  Ana Neves

Ana may or may not be a Trash TV addict (innocent until proven guilty),  but one thing is for sure though – she’s a determined and cheerful being. With plans of undertaking a Writing Major on the horizon, she is about to make her love affair for words official. On her bucket list includes ‘write a bucket list’.