When did we get so precious? Since earphones becoming tangled in our bags and McDonald's not giving us enough sauce felt like the end of the world - that's when.

The meaning of "first world problems" speak for itself. While we enjoy a lifestyle much more fortunate than some parts of the world, we still find time to moan about those more trivial problems during everyday life. Of course it's frustrating when we have to face traffic trying to rush from A to B, or when the ATM we trekked to is 'out of order'. But when these moments occur, we should take a second and reflect on what aspects of our life aren't so problematic. So how do you match up? Have you ever complained about any of these first world problems?

  1. You can't find the remote
  2. There's nothing to eat at home
  3. You ran out of toilet paper
  4. It's boiling hot outside but freezing in the air-conditioned office
  5. The WiFi is temporarily down
  6. There's no milk left
  7. The hot water at home takes forever to get hot
  8. You have a dishwasher but it takes longer packing and unpacking it than it did washing up
  9. You can't find a proper knife to cute the Brie cheese
  10. There's too many commercials on TV
  11. You cut yourself shaving
  12. People keep sending you Farmville request on Facebook
  13. Your mum friend requested you on Facebook
  14. The hairdresser gave you a shitty haircut
  15. No semi-skimmed milk in the supermarket, just full fat
  16. Earphones getting tangled up in your bag
  17. The ATM you trekked to is 'out of order'
  18. No one 'liked' your new profile picture on Facebook
  19. Bad cell phone reception
  20. Two of your favourite TV shows are on at the same time
  21. You're stuck in group texts
  22. Trying to keep electricals out of the sun while sunbathing
  23. Watch/jewellery causing unsightly tan lines
  24. Spotting someone wearing the same outfit as you
  25. You got less than 11 likes on Instagram
  26. People un-followed you on Instagram
  27. Your new shoes hurt when you wear them
  28. Your new jeans feel funny on
  29. Your ripped jeans keep ripping
  30. The pizza box won't fit in the fridge
  31. Your best friends wedding video is so long
  32. Your Twitter account reached its follow capacity
  33. You have the best 'tweet' in mind but it's over 144 characters
  34. People un-followed you on Twitter
  35. Over/under brewed tea
  36. Remote control batteries running out
  37. You bought the wrong type of battery
  38. A disappointing air freshener
  39. The wind blowing your summer dress or skirt up
  40. Stepping on something wet while wearing socks
  41. Hair sticking to lipstick or lip balm in the slightest breeze
  42. Updating your mobile phone and losing all your contacts
  43. Sitting on your sunglasses
  44. Burning your tongue when eating hot food
  45. Your hair tie is too loose looped twice but can't loop three times
  46. Wanting to take your laptop outside but the WiFi doesn't reach far enough
  47. The living room isn't big enough for a coffee table and recliner sofas
  48. Getting suntan lotion in your eyes while reading outdoors in the sunshine
  49. You have to use one remote to change the volume and another to change channels
  50. Getting popcorn in your teeth
  51. You don't own a Mac
  52. You don't know how to use your Mac
  53. You accidentally closed a tab
  54. You want to text but you keep getting green lights
  55. You're in a rush but you keep getting red lights
  56. Traffic
  57. The elevator is broken
  58. The escalators are broken
  59. You forgot to turn your phone on silent before you went to sleep
  60. Too many Facebook event invites
  61. They only serve Pepsi and not Coke
  62. There's not a park to be seen
  63. You pay $5 for coffee and it taste like crap
  64. There's still froth of your flat white
  65. Forgetting your phone charger
  66. Cold leather car seats in the winter
  67. Hot leather car seats in the summer
  68. You can't hear the TV over the vacuum cleaner
  69. You have to pay a transaction fee at the ATM
  70. You have to spend over $10 at the shops to use your card
  71. They don't take cash
  72. McDonald's forgot to give you sauce
  73. Your large McDonald's fries looks more like a medium
  74. They don't show replay on TV during your football match
  75. The hairdresser moving away
  76. Being out when a parcel gets delivered
  77. Having to go to the Post Office to collect a parcel
  78. The person is taking too long in the bathroom
  79. Supermarket checkout staff scanning faster than you can pack
  80. Having a restaurant table indoors on a sunny day
  81. Nail polish clashing with lipstick
  82. The shop not stocking a Coke bottle with your name on it
  83. You got the wrong food order
  84. Getting woken up on weekends by people doing house work
  85. You can't find matching socks
  86. Living somewhere too posh for a cheap corner shop
  87. You can't rewind TV
  88. There's nothing on TV
  89. You can't find a power-point for your charger
  90. Having the last edition of the iPhone
  91. The sun glare on your iPad/phone tablet
  92. You didn't get any tax money back
  93. Your phone keeps auto correcting
  94. You didn't get what you wanted for Christmas
  95. Your feeling down after coming home from travelling
  96. It feels like forever waiting for food to heat up in the microwave
  97. The food was too hot to take out of the microwave with your hands
  98. Certain shops are closed on Sundays
  99. I spent too long taking pictures of my food and now it's cold

Which first world problem did you relate to the most?

WORDS BY:  Pauline Morrissey

Pauline is the Lead Editor for LOVE & LIST. She clocks off by daydreaming about future escapades & having D&M's with wine in hand. She takes pride in both her appetite for organisation and her Nintendo 64 skills. Pauline describes her fuel for writing much like The Wizard of Oz; in search for more brain, courage & heart.